1. Purple, pink and yellowish gold were used for the logo design.
Purple signifies prosperity, in addition to being the traditional Thai birthday color of H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn who has most graciously accepted the Philatelic Association of Thailand to be under H.R.H.'s Patronage.
Pink represents the feminine sweetness, friendship, charm and tenderness.
Yellowish Gold is associated with success, grandeur and wealth.

2. Theme of the event : " Tourism 4.0 "
The triangle symbol is a geometric shape that appears everywhere in the nature. Its shape exemplifies stability and is the symbol of journeying to the wide world.

A landmark is a feature of a region or a city that can be easily seen and recognized from a distance. For this event, it also represents each country from around the world participating in the World Stamp Exhibition 2018.

The Little Mail symbol showing the postage stamp with perforation attribute as well as on postmark is the symbol commonly used to represent the "Posts".


The Exhibition's mascot is named "Nong Stamp" whose design is derived from a post box that is a worldwide symbol of postal service and is the focal point of all letters that are to be collected for delivery. "Nong Stamp" is in distinctive red colour, with the right hand holding stamp tongs and left hand holding magnifying glass which are the most essential and recognizable tools for philatelists worldwide.

And this summarizes the origin of the colours and the mascot for World Stamp Exhibition 2018 which shall very well light up the atmosphere of the event to all participants.